GSA Training and Expo 2014

The GSA Training and Expo has provided a valuable forum for our partners to receive acquisition training and for government and industry to interact and share business information.  
However, in the current fiscal climate, agencies and businesses alike continue to make tough spending cuts and operate under reduced travel budgets. After careful review of projected attendance and continued travel budget reductions, GSA has made the decision to not hold an Expo in 2014. GSA remains committed to addressing the need for training and will identify the most effective way to offer Expo 2015 to deliver better value and savings for our government partners, our vendors, and the American people.
In the meantime, GSA offers a wide array of online and virtual training, as well as classroom training closer to your location. Below are some of the training opportunities available to you.
Interact offers free on demand and webinar training.  It also provides an online forum for interactions with industry partners.

GSA Training offers free on demand, webinar and classroom training on a wide array of topics and offerings.

Customer Service Directors  
GSA’s local Customer Service Director’s are equipped to offer local training for your organization.

If you have any questions, please email

GSA Expo Team